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Immediately after B.Tech there are various possibilities for job seekers as discussed in the previous article. The real passionate engineer will look at core jobs. For them these are the jobs that give utmost satisfaction. This is because they want to live their lives as engineers. This points to the importance of thought processes in the engineers, at least the ones who are in the final year of engineering regarding what careers they need to have in life.

The possible thought processes are
  1. Engineering for life
  2. IT life
  3. Management
  4. Teaching

Depending on the options considered, there needs to be a clear thinking on which are the jobs that one needs to look for. Ironically, it is among the top performers that such a dilemma exists. Invariably a wrong choice results in dissatisfaction for the engineer and loss of a talent for the nation. So it is an inefficient mechanism to look at very short term gains instead of looking at the bigger picture of one’s career.

One needs to understand that the working life of an average person is at present 30 years. In future it will be more than this, for sure. It would be a pain to do something that one does not like for three decades or more. Invariably this leads to social and personal stress. This is precisely the reason why a planning is required to have a good career. In the modern age it is also possible that one can switch careers after some time. But this comes at a cost. People are generally reluctant to take a pay cut and reduced standard of living that comes along with the career switch. Hence the disappointment continues over the life time. It is always better to choose a job where one will be happy. By the time a person turns 21 she will be in a situation to at least find out what she wants in life, provided she thinks about it. That is where the students of today seem to be lacking. Far too many decisions are made without any clear thought. The basic thinking of “What I want from Life?” seems to be not there. This results in confusion and choice of a popular profession. This may not be the right choice.

All the careers listed above are very much in vogue and gives very good opportunities for career development. But each of them need separate skills for good performance.

In the core jobs one needs to be technically brilliant and have the passion for design, development and a general inquisitiveness. It needs analytical skills and good technical reading. A participation and good performance in technical fests, competitions and exhibitions are good indications to one’s interest in the technical field. One needs to analyse whether she has these skills in her. A simple selection in such companies or good pay should not be the reason why one should be joining these jobs.

A cheerful personality with analytical skills, technical knowledge, interest in problem solving, inclination to do programming etc are the skills needed to get into IT jobs. These are the jobs that are talked about the most in India with big numbers, good salary, happening people and the so called “wonderful” life. This suggests that there needs to be a bit of social skills to be comfortable in this field. A good extracurricular record along with participation and performance in Tech fests especially computer related one’s are good indications for your excellence in this field. One either belongs or not in this field.

Teaching is a passion. One will get an internal feeling to become a teacher. Otherwise long term sustainability is a big trouble in this field. But this is a good stepping stone to other technical careers initially as there will be a lot of technical learning and student interaction thereby enhancing the technical and communication skills. Lately, the AICTE pay scales adopted by the good engineering colleges have rendered teaching as a lucrative career option as well. But in the short future, an M.Tech will be mandatory for teaching.

A little weak technically but strong communication skills, is the real profile of an engineer joining either a technical BPO or otherwise.

Find out where you belong. It is not possible overnight. It is a process of self discovery. But do pay attention to it by paying attention to yourself and you will choose a good career, a career that is rewarding as well as satisfying.

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