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MEA Scholarship Program For Engineering Students in Kerala

MEA Scholarship Program For Engineering Students in Kerala

About MEA 
Malayalee Engineers’ Association (MEA) of Houston, Texas, USA is an association of Malayalee engineers living in Greater Houston area in the state of Texas, USA. The association is offering scholarships for students in Kerala to pursue engineering/ technology/ computer science, architecture or naval-architecture studies leading to a Bachelors degree. MEA started a scholarship program for Engineering students in the year 2000 by granting 2 scholarships.

Scholarships for Engineering Students 

Malayalee Engineers’ Association (MEA) of Houston, Texas, USA is inviting applications for scholarships from first year students enrolled in a 4-year degree course in Engineering, Technology, Computer Science, Architecture or Naval Architecture in a college affiliated to any university in Kerala. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need. 

Last date for receiving applications by MEA is 15/11/2009 

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Student shall be enrolled in an accredited Engineering College or University in Kerala in a 4-year (8 semesters) course leading to a Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Technology, Computer Science, Architecture or Naval Architecture.
  • The income of the student's parents shall be below Rs.50,000/ year from all sources.
  • Awards and honors received and extracurricular activities by the student shall be considered in selecting the scholarship recipient when more than one deserving candidates are identified based on academic merit and income criteria.
  • Students ranked lower than 5000 (rank 5001 or greater) in the entrance exam will not be considered for an award unless they:

    1. Have scored above 85% marks for SSLC/ICSE/CBSE and Plus-2.
    2. Present a compelling case for extraordinary consideration
  • Students admitted through management-quota are not eligible for an award.
  • If the student has already accepted another scholarship, he/she shall provide complete details of such other scholarship(s).

  • Scholarship Amount : 

    $ 500 / Year / Student for all 4 years of study (Students should score 70% or more marks each year to be eligible for scholarship renewal.)

    No. of Scholarships : 

    MEA, Houston has awarded up to eight scholarships each year.

    Selection Process : 

    MEA scholarship application evaluation committee goes through all applications received and evaluates them by assigning certain points to their marks in 10th, 12th and entrance exams. Points are also assigned to the annual income and financial burden of the student’s family. After a short list of the most deserving applicants is made, their financial condition is verified through their contacts in Kerala. The final selection is made after this verification.

    How to apply : 
    The student shall submit the completed application form provided by MEA. Blank Application Form and Letter of Recommendation form may be downloaded from here or from MEA web site www.meahouston.org. Application form may also be available with the Principals of accredited engineering colleges in Kerala. Photostat copies of the blank forms are acceptable.

    Attach the following documents with the application:

    1. Copies of the Marks-lists for: (i) SSLC/CBSE/ICSE (ii) Plus-2 
    2. Copies of Marks-list and Rank Certificate for Engineering Entrance Examination.
    3. Letter of Recommendation from a former or current teacher or head master or head mistress of student’s school.
    4. Income Certificate including all sources, issued by Tahsildar / Village Officer.
    5. Statement explaining type of agriculture, labour or business of parents/ guardian
    6. Details of awards and honors received in extra curricular activities.
    7. A letter or statement describing any extraordinary circumstances which you feel makes your application worthy of special consideration.
    8. A statement providing details of scholarships, grants and non repayable financial awards the student may be receiving from sources other than MEA Houston. Include amounts, duration of payment, source’s name and basis of award in your statement.

    Applications with all required attachments may be submitted by email to meet the deadline of November 15, 2009. Use meahouston@gmail.com for all scholarship-related email correspondence. If the application is filed via email, applicant must scan the completed application form, recommendation letter, income certificate and other documents in .pdf format and send it as attachment to their email. The email subject line must say ‘MEA 2009 Scholarship application – Applicant’s Name’. 

    Applications shall be mailed to : 
    MEA Houston Scholarship-2009
    C/o K.N. Rajesh
    4619 Wellington Grove Ln.
    Katy, TX 77494, USA.
    EMAIL - meahouston@gmail.com 


  • MEA Sholarship Application Form (89736-81139-MEA Scholarship application form 2009.pdf)
  • MEA Recommendation Letter (89736-81148-Letter of Recommendation 2009.pdf)
    Reference www.meahouston.org
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