Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The training season is on. You are going to get training for various entrance examinations. Add to that there needs to be tuitions for the subjects that you are weak in. Where should I go for tuitions? Which training institute should I join? For what course should I join? This is true for all engineering aspirants. The confusion is endless. There are options galore. There are courses galore. The decision is very difficult.

Most of the time the decision is made by peer pressure. Few people join and create word of mouth and the others follow. Nothing wrong in that as word of mouth is the most believable method of gathering information. The only thing to be verified here is whether the aim of the person giving the advice and that of the person receiving the advice is the same. If that is not the case then even if the advice is correct, it may not be useful.

Let us look at an example. If student A says that an institute is good for IIT coaching and student B is joining there, it may not serve the purpose of student B only if he is good enough to join IIT. Here the aims of student A and student B are different. Student A wants to join IIT and is good enough whereas student B is not good enough to get into IIT. He needs a different coaching than student A.

Two things come to the fore here. The first one is self analysis. Here one should be very un- emotional and should analyse the capabilities of oneself. Then he/ she should finalise the requirements of training. Then find out the right institute and join there. Secondly, students only cannot make that judgement. Hope is one and fact may be another. Elders should also be consulted in formulating the training requirements. Right training should be done because otherwise, it will result in a loss of time and money. Moreover it could act counterproductive to the real requirements of the student.

Another trend is to join the institute that produces ranks. One should remember that there is only one first rank, one second rank and so on. Majority are not rank holders and may perform better if given the correct training. It is here that parents have an active role to play. It is in finding out the training requirements that half the effectiveness lays. So either it should be done properly at home or you should take professional advice.

The disadvantage here is that you will never know what could have been, because once you join an institute, the opportunity to evaluate others and escalate the performance is not there simply because the fees is too huge for that. So, it is always better that you decide on the requirements and find out the perfect match between the student and the institute before joining a training course.

An example to illustrate: If student A is comfortable having personal attention rather than sitting in a class with many people, there is no point in sending him to an institute which seats 100 in a class even if it produces all the ranks in the state. The message is: spent some time and do put in some effort before going for any training, especially engineering coaching, before joining any institute.


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