Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Why does a student go to an engineering college? There could be 3 reasons for it
1) She is passionate about engineering
2) Engineering is the most available professional degree
3) Engineering offers the best chance for a job in the current educational context
India boasts of a large middle class and most of the students from these families are likely to choose engineering because of the third reason mentioned above.
A look at last year’s placements say that most of the companies that recruit from Kerala Engineering colleges bar the very best of them are from the software Industry or IT companies. A look back at the trend for the past few years will reveal the same result. Hence we can conclude that the general trend of engineering placements is the IT way. These companies recruit all students irrespective of their branches. The history of the choice of branches say that Electronics and Communication has been the most preferred branch for nearly a couple of decades now and even after that there is very little design or manufacturing in electronics in India. Of late Mechanical engineering has been the darling of the masses and yet we do not see even a single mechanical company recruiting engineers in large numbers. The explanations thrown up suggest that these are the core branches in engineering and therefore their choices. Computer Science and Information technology have been the single largest source of job creation in India for around 15 years now. Still computer science engineering has never been the first choice of the masses ever. IT is the buzz word and there are no takers for B.Tech IT seats and a lot of them are lying free. Civil is the origin of engineering and a core branch in all senses of the word but there are not many takers for this branch and this seems a relegated choice in the choice of branches. India’s infrastructure thrust is huge and the demand for Civil Engineers is also huge but still people are averse to choosing this branch. Popular decisions in the choice of engineering streams still baffle common sense. If at all people are going to choose the IT industry irrespective of the branch of engineering that they do, would it not be prudent for them to take a course that will give them a head start in the industry? Not many seem to think so. A look at the methodology with which the choice of the course is done by a family justifies why this happens. Invariably some friend or relative of the parents of the child are the most relied upon people to consult to make this decision. The question asked is”which course offers the most scope?” and the expert has an answer and popular suggestions seem to be Electronics and Mechanical. Another way in which the decision is made is by the student asking his friend whose father has done this research. Then blindly follow his dictum. Whatever is the method that is used it seems that the aim of studying the course. Viz. getting a job and the choice of the branch to attain that aim are dichotomous. Hail the crowd!!!

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