Saturday, July 7, 2012


The trial allotment preceding the first allotment to Professional Degree Courses, Kerala, will be announced on 7th July, 2012 (Saturday). The trial allotment will give an indication of the chances for allotments based on the options registered by students till 10 am on 6th July, 2012.
Candidates will be able to modify their options accordingly. They will have the facility to add more options if needed, delete options that they are not interested in and also change the order of the options registered. These facilities will be available till the freezing of the option registration website at 3 pm on 9th July 2012. The options in the Home Page of the candidate at 3 pm on 9th July will be considered for the first allotment.
The first allotment is to be announced on 12th July,2012. Candidates getting an allotment in the first round allotment to be announced on 12th July, 2012, will have to remit the fee/amount as stated in their allotment memo, at one of the branches of State Bank of Travancore on 13th, 14th or 16th of July 2012, to accept the allotment. Candidates will not be required to join the course as of now. The date of joining will be announced, only after a few rounds of allotment, it is expected.
A candidate who does not remit the fee/amount applicable will lose the allotments and will not be considered for further allotments in the subsequent rounds.
The aspirants of MBBS in the state, particularly in the Government Medical Colleges, must be a worried lot this time since the KEAM allotments are taking place before the first round allotments under All India Quota. Till 2011, the first round of All India Quota allotments used to be held in June. So there existed a chance for several candidates in the Kerala Medical Rank list who had a better rank in the All India Quota category also, getting preferred seats through All India Quota allotments. This time, the All India Quota allotments have been delayed due to the introduction of online allotment process. The activities related to this commences on 24th July, 2012 only. So many candidates in the All India Quota list are likely to try their chances here too.
Trial allotment results are expected at and

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