Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HIGHLIGHTS OF ENGINEERING RESULTS 2013:CBSE students beat those from the state

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Kochi, June 18, 2013: The CBSE students outperformed the state board students in the engineering entrance test of Kerala the ranklist of which was released after standardisation today. Though the number of state students qualified in the entrance stands ahead of CBSE, in the first 1000 qualified students CBSE students shined well.
Though altogether 38691 students from the state board have qualified, in the first 1000, there are only 364. Meanwhile the total qualified CBSE students in the list is 17334. But in the first 1000, there are a whopping 575 students, more than half. While comparing the number of qualified students the state students double the CBSE lot.
A total of 99488 students had appeared for the entrance and only 74226 did qualify the test. That is, 25,262 students could not qualify. And even out of this only 58169 students are there in the list for allotment. The rest of the students did not produce the marklist. So only 58166 students will be there for allotment. There are only 1202 ISC students in the list. But in the first 1000, their participation is 45.

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